Loxley Archers
Loxley Archers - The Home Of Traditional Archery in Tasmania - Come and Enjoy The Great Sport Of Archery

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The Home of Traditional Archery in Tasmania

We are a traditional / medieval archery club and conduct regular shoots on Saturdays

New member enquiries welcome

We conduct beginners courses & come and try sessions.

Located at Havenview Primary School.

Old Surrey Road Burnie, Tasmania.

Loxley Archers was formed in May 2012 and became a club in its own right in August 2012. We are a Traditional Archery Club and teach Longbow, Horsebow, Barebow Recurve and use Wooden or Aluminium Arrows fletched with feathers. Our regular shooting targets consist of popinjays (birds up on a pole), wands, targets with knockout sections etc. Our focus is on family fun and our members love the fact that they are honing their skills without even realising it whilst having fun. For special club events/tournaments we attend in medieval style clothing, bring along a medieval dish to share for lunch and have a relaxing fun day.

We mainly shoot the second and fourth Saturday of the month at 1PM but do run tourmaments at other times during the year.

For information please contact Peter on 0402 783 158

Email: loxleyarchers@gmail.com

If you are 10 years old or over come and give archery a try. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.